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Why invest in Cryptobar

A fun place, and serious at the same time

The fact that a user contributes to a community in an altruistic way is not a easy thing. Many times, when a user shares signals or analysis, it is possible to feel not rewarded if this is not reciprocal.

We want to change that, and we believe that we must enhance the value that every single user brings to the community. We believe that it is necessary to create a token which reward and gives value to the fact of share information. We think that through a rewarding system we are going to encourage a information flow between the users.

This is how BAR was born, with the idea of reward, encourage and improve the information flow between users all around the world.

  • Monitoring and Tip Bot
  • Lottery games
  • Physical Bar
  • International Expansion
The first goal we are accomplishing is a bot development that will work to carry out the count of the users contributions and will monitorize the individual tracing to execute the periodical reward.
We would like to give our token BAR other uses and it's going to grant access to other exclusive applications.

On the table we’ve got the idea to develop some mini games, a general CryptoBAR group lottery, etc…
Open a physical bar for traders and users of our community to replicate their activities on Telegram but in a place where they could feel comfortable sharing experiences, networking, give and recieve advices, watch informative videos, etc… while they can have a drink with other users of the community.
Our aim is to open physical business around the world following an expansion strategy. Once we open our first bar in spain, we will try to expand around Europe, USA, Moscow, Seoul, Hong Kong, and so on. We believe this will be for the benefit of all our users since we’ll try to reach everyone.

Our Team

Know a Little About Us
Team Member


Community Manager

Philology graduate. Bitcoin enthusiast since 2014. Trader, investor and blockchain analyst. Blockchain adviser.

Team Member


Web Manager

Computer Engineer & Master of Apps and Services. Altcoin miner and trader.

Team Member


Guy Incognito

Programmer, system administrator. Altcoin miner and trader.

Team Member


Design leader.

Dentist and entrepreneur part time. Graphic design expert and crypto-currency trader since 2016.

Team Member

Nano VR

BAR programmer

Full-stack developer. Blockchain technology enthusiast, with experience working with Smartcontracts programming for Ethereum

Team Member


Business administrator

Telecommunications engineer and Business management. Altcoin trader.

Team Member



15 years of experience managing business. Cryptofan and altcoin trader since 2013.

Team Member


Entrepreneur,Blockchain Project Investor

Trader and Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013.

Team Member


Scientist, new technologies enthusiast

Web developer and altcoin investor since 2015

Team Member


Software engineer student (last year)

Passionate about internet and computers. Successfully worked on different projects web development and internet of things (IoT) related.