Airdrop finished.

Airdrop distribution(Modified)
  1. 1. 500 BAR will be distributed to the first 8,000 users who register.
  2. 1. We will distribuite the 4 million $BAR with all the registered users.
  3. 2. Those users who notify that they are referred in the form will receive 250 BAR both he or she and the user who has referred.(since we reach 1.000.000 $BAR in referrals)
  4. 2. We will distribuite the 1 million $BAR with all the referred users, and not only the first 2000 referrals.
  5. 3. In case of not reaching the 8,000 users or having surplus of reference bonus, it will be distributed among the registered users.
  6. 3. Airdrop will be full distributed
To be entitled to receive the airdrop the user must:
  1. 1. Provide a valid Telegram user and be member the group
  2. 2. Provide a valid Ethereum address.
The airdrop will be made at the end of the ICO, for more information you can consult the Whitepaper available at

Airdrops registered and actived: 9,404

$BAR Per Register: 425

$BAR Per Referral: 70

$BAR Claimed: 5,000,000